7 Tips for manifesting love

7 Tips for manifesting love

Manifesting love is something that seems almost impossible sometimes, if you’re single and looking – Where am I supposed to find “the one”? How will I know?

The truth is, manifesting love isn’t about looking for that special someone. It’s about clearing the way for them to come into your life. It’s about getting rid of your emotional clutter and preparing yourself for a relationship. This involves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual preparation.

Manifesting love is about clearing space in your heart, mind and home.Anyone, of any age, can manifest love. Here’s how…

7 Tips for Manifesting Love

Manifesting love is more than visualizing your perfect partner and imagining him/her in your life although that is part of the process. Manifesting your ideal partner is more about opening the door and letting that person in.

1. Be your best.

Think about the person you wish to attract and remember that your soulmate is a mirror of who you are. If you are aware of some undesirable traits within yourself, do the work and correct them first, so that you don’t attract someone you are already in the process of outgrowing! You want your vibration to be a match for your ideal mate, with your ideal qualities. Raise your vibration to match those qualities by developing them in yourself. Always do your best in everything. That’s an amazing vibration-booster!

2. Give love, to receive love.

There are so many ways to express love! Be as kind, understanding, empathetic, helpful, compassionate and gentle as you can. Whenever someone irritates you, send them loving vibes. Perhaps they have an inner pain that you’re not aware of – a pain that can only be healed by love. So send them the love they need, just as you need it!

Be the person they would be attracted to

3. Know what you want, but be open to “better.”

For example, if you have this vision in your head that your true love is the stereotypical tall, dark and handsome (or blonde, fair and beautiful) and possesses certain personality traits (intelligence, humor, athleticism, etc.), you might automatically dismiss someone who doesn’t fit exactly into that mold – yet this person could be the perfect match for you. Whenever you imagine your perfect partner in your visualizations, always agree that “or better” is also a possibility!

4. Believe that your perfect partner is out there, and looking for YOU.

According to the Law of Attraction, you will attract things that match your beliefs. It’s up to you to create that alignment by believing that the two of you are destined to meet. Remember, whenever you doubt, that he/she is also looking, also doubting, also wondering… so vibrationally reassure them that you are here and you’re waiting for them. When your vibration is aligned, you will meet. It might not be today, or tomorrow, but never give up hope. When the alignment is there, it will happen.

5. Make space in your head, heart and home.

Clean out half your closet. How can you invite your perfect partner in to your home if there’s no room for their stuff? Even if you have no plans for staying in your current home, that’s not the point. The point is, make room physically… and emotionally. Let go of past hurts. Forgive! Make a list of any past relationships with whom you are still consumed with grudges, unresolved issues, resentment, pain, bitterness, etc. and write them a letter expressing your feelings. Don’t hold anything back. These letters are not meant to be sent. They are only a tool for you to fully express your feelings.

Then… (here comes the harder part) write a second letter, to yourself, from your ex-lover’s point of view. Really think on this one. You see things from your perspective, but have you ever considered theirs? Are there things about you that drove them nuts, or were there misunderstandings and miscommunications because one or both of you were unwilling to see the other’s perspective? This is perhaps the most healing letter of all… Forgive both yourself and your ex (each one) and release the emotional burden. Your new partner-to-be doesn’t want any part of this energetic burden!

Your ideal partner is out there too – and looking for you.

6. Love yourself as you want to be loved by your ideal mate.

Nurture yourself. Think and speak kindly of yourself (it pays to become very aware of the ways you talk about yourself both in your self-talk and to others). Take excellent care of yourself physically with exercise and good nutrition.

Work on your talents and become the best you can be with the gifts you have. Work on your weaknesses but don’t beat yourself up about them – they are opportunities! Work on your strengths, but don’t be boastful of them – they are gifts! Always remember, the world mirrors back what you see in yourself!

7. Stop LOOKING.

Looking (on dating sites, etc.) only works when you are called to do so by intuitive guidance. If you force yourself to go to bars, the gym, online and other traditional dating resources, you are acting from a place of lack, which is exactly what you will attract to yourself. However, if you work on yourself, if you choose to be happy with yourself and become highly attuned to your inner guidance, you will be guided to the right place to meet “the one.” Yes, it might be a club, or a gym… but until you receive that guidance, you will only be putting out a vibe of desperation and lack. That’s not what you want to attract!