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Everything is related to everything else

Our Vission

Contemporary and ancient knowledge conveys a common message and has the same essence. This can be extended not only on ancient Eastern cultures but on all ancient cultures. Their wisdom goes deep and explains the functioning of the very life. It encourages us to think about human values and manners of their application in our daily lives, in every field.

All developmental skills are based on self-awareness and self-management so we could be able to become aware of others, and manage relations with them. Success in business is influenced the most by relations with people and cooperation with them.

No matter which approach or method you apply or terminology you use, essentially, personal development is reduced to whether you know yourself, accept yourself as you are so that in the final instance you can change and transform yourself. Change starts from oneself, so a change of the circumstances and of other people will follow because of the personal change. In that process, we develop skills, flexibility, and empathy, which makes all the difference.

Ars Lucida Meaning

Ars Lucida could be named any differently. However, the idea was to own a name which is authentic and unusual, as so are the people, methods and everything else connected to it. As I have a thing with Latin language, which by the way I am not speaking, I believed that in the foundation of many international languages I will find an accurate expression that will unite all the concepts floating in my mind. How can one endless, magical and life important subject as Human Being is in its greatest glory be described with a short, impressive name.

Everything in life is provoked by the art of the light endlessly creating and destroying, brushing and polishing this human diamond in many ways. It support us to thrive towards evolution, purity and, so much mentioned these days, enlightenment (or simply said so much important self-realization). That instinct is deeply rooted into our being, and we consciously or unconsciously, wanting or not, move to that direction, most often without any knowledge about the mechanisms of that process.

The mechanism says, we need clear mind that is able to experience and understand the truth about ourself. This can happen only in case we own and nurture pure heart, because everything is happening through it. Pure heart and clear mind are an open door for intuition or moments of insights (momenta lucida) that show us the way, the path & the journey.

Simplified, mind can not be clear if the heart is not pure. Sounds simple, still it`s very complex, and at moments, mysterious journey. Often, the best choice is not to journey alone.

I called this journey Ars Lucida – The Art of Clear Understanding of the play of light, inside, in us.

I believe that you will discover your own Ars Lucida and that you will enjoy it.

Elena Antonovska

Elena Antonovska is a resident at Ars Lucida as a driving force & she is a part of the team that stands behind the work of Ars Lucida. She is a Professional Certified Coach accredited by International Coaching Federation (ICF – PCC) and a trainer…