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Our Vission

Contemporary and ancient knowledge conveys a common message and has the same essence. This can be extended not only on ancient Eastern cultures but on all ancient cultures. Their wisdom goes deep and explains the functioning of the very life. It encourages us to think about human values and manners of their application in our daily lives, in every field.

All developmental skills are based on self-awareness and self-management so we could be able to become aware of others, and manage relations with them. Success in business is influenced the most by relations with people and cooperation with them.

No matter which approach or method you apply or terminology you use, essentially, personal development is reduced to whether you know yourself, accept yourself as you are so that in the final instance you can change and transform yourself. Change starts from oneself, so a change of the circumstances and of other people will follow because of the personal change. In that process, we develop skills, flexibility, and empathy, which makes all the difference.

Elena Antonovska

I am an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.

Not only extraordinary but exceptional. Once you enter this magnificent creative world of growth and development, there is no way back. And you do not have an option except to continue forward.

One of my characteristic is that I must first try something, study it, and then recommend it to others. Learning and new things are my passion, and life is constant learning. So, what I do as a job, I am living it daily and I constantly discover new things. Discovering also relates to the work, other people, and certainly, myself.

To be able to understand others and be able touch them in any possible way, you have responsibility to constantly work on yourself, develop and improve. To build and discover your authenticity and individuality. The approaches for growth constantly change, and I can say that a great part of that is available to me. Then, you need to move away from their path as any good coach and enable them to develop and grow in their own way. On the other hand, I deeply believe that there is not much benefit of just collecting knowledge don’t apply in practice, in your daily life. And since life constantly happens, we have an enormous field to exercise and learn new lessons.

One of the greatest lessons is adequate to the slogan – Freedom Comes from Within – free ourselves from our internal limitations, rise above our personal drama, be what we are, find the meaning and live our life with passion. A classical story of the journey of a hero. The beginning of the work with people was visible at the time when we did not even think what we would professionally do in life. The official start begins 15 years ago, at a time when generally public had little knowledge about energy and energy practice. And I started exactly with it. This was not by chance, having in mind my pioneering spirit and ability to open the way for new things. My first practice was Pranic Healing, and then very quickly it turned into an endless search for new knowledge and skills, driven by the desire to find a way to approach people easily.

Over time it became clear that all is one, connected and same, and that the knowledge is only distinguished be the terminology and approach. Everything is just a model and way of looking at things, perspective. Hence, the merging of ancient knowledge and modern methods and skills. As a professional coach and trainer, ever deepening knowledge in the field of development, available to me are countless ways to support, educate and change people in their personal and professional development.


My clients – people are diverse, but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

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