Distant Energy healing

Distant Energy healing

Dear Friends, Clients and all beings, we would like to introduce you to a new concept, energy work or healing in absentee, without your physical presence or Distant Healing. Thanks to the universality of the energy, our methods are not limited by the dimensions of space and time, so it`s possible to apply it no matter where you are, for your benefit and benefit of your health and wellbeing, especially at this moment, on this situation.

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The universe is built on energy.

The human body is an energy system. So finally, today, we can confirm this with absolute certainty, because the ancient and modern sciences agree on the fact that everything that exists vibrates with some frequency.

Every object, animal, plant, man and even the air that is all around us, have their own vibration. The vibrations and polarities of these particles form an energy field that surrounds the human body, they emit some kind of energy and are inextricably linked to the physical body and its functions.

Based on the scientific research, it is known that every disease is the result of some imbalance in the frequency of cells in the body. The same imbalanced emotions and thoughts, which create a disturbance of the subtle body in relation to the physical one, and thus change the normal vibrational pattern of the body.

All of this is translated into the language of the bio-chemistry in our body, into our molecules that transmit information’s known as neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and hormones. These molecules connect the invisible world of thoughts and motions with the physical world of our body of flesh and blood.

In other words, we are either in resonance, in our natural vibrations and in great health, or we are in imbalance, incompatibility and disease.

When we are in balance, the body more effectively eliminates toxins and negativity that slow or block the natural biochemical processes in the body. That is what is needed to restore the natural energy flow. We often fail to understand that our body knows how to care for itself. And we just prevent it from doing so. We are feeding wrongly, we are overworking, we forget to get rest. We are exposing to stress and negativity, we stick to emotions and thoughts that make a short circuit in the energy flow, all of these factors causes weakness and imbalances.

This widely known belief that the manifestation begins in the energy dimension, and afterwords manifests itself on a physical, emotional and mental plan, is supported by scientific research in the field of quantum physics and the trials for the influence of human consciousness on thoughts and matter. Thus, by influencing and changing the energy or pattern of our body, we can influence the physical body, as well as any emotional or mental state.

This mechanism is behind psycho-somatic diseases, but also behind energy methods.

By applying the many energy treatment methods we use in Ars Lucida, you can:

  • Gain peace, self-confidence, balance and health
  • Get rid of the stress, anxiety, physical and psychological pain
  • Gain mental clarity, emotional stability and create a life you desire for yourself. 

Price: 1.500 den or 25 euro

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