Awakening the illuminated Heart®

"We are the ones that we are waiting for"

We are living in a time of immense changes which are occurring on all levels – Mother Earth is changing her vibration, our collective consciousness is shifting faster than ever...

It is important to find that place within ourselves, to pass through these times with love and strength which has always been within us (and which we have just forgotten about).

The purpose of the workshop " Awakening the illuminated Heart " is to help us remember who we really are and what we really are capable of. How to overcome limiting beliefs and how to achieve a higher state of awareness. How to approach and use the eternal wisdom of our heart, opposed to what the mind tries to impose on us to believe. How to regain our strength and activate our incredible divine self. Because that's what we really are.

Awakening the illuminated Heart is a workshop, where we remember who we really are, how to create from the Heart and how to activate the natural Merkaba (our Light Body).

What to expect from the workshop?

  • Remembering who we really are and what we are really capable of;
  • Healing of trauma, emotional injuries and bitterness;
  • Experience the incredible power of forgiveness from our heart;
  • Transformation from fear to Love;
  • Remembering our own light body, our Merkaba and its activation to its full potential;
  • Activating the rays of light around the head and the Golden Halo;
  • Remembering how to communicate with Our Higher Awareness;
  • Joining the world of Inner Imagination with the School of Imagination Exercises;
  • Transition from manifestation of duality to manifestation of the Heart Unity;
  • Learning how to create and live a life of happiness and bliss.