Bach Flower Remedies

Heal your emotions, heal your physical state...

This is simple but very powerful treatment system, which successfully restores the well-being and health. It was developed by Dr. Edward Bach in the thirties of the last century. Dr. Bach considered that in nature there is a cure for every problem we are facing. Therefore, he developed a system of 38 floral essences suitable for the treatment of various types of emotions, which at the same time assist in improving the physical and physical condition of the individual.

This system is based on the interconnection of the body, mind and emotions and their effect on the overall state of health, including diseases. Dr. Bach established that "The mind, as the most delicate and most sensitive part of the body, most accurately shows the upraise and the course of the disease, therefore that is taken as a guide in choosing the medicine or medications that are needed. During the illness, a change occurs in the usual daily mood, which a good observer may notice even before (and sometimes much long before) the disease, with timely therapy we can prevent the occurrence. Even when the disease is already present for a certain period of time, the patient's mood will again point to the right remedy. "(Dr. Edward Bach," Twelve Practitioners ", edition of 1941).

In essence by monitoring and analyzing the state of mind and emotions, as well as the world view of the individual, seen as symptoms appearing on the surface, it can be determined which floral essences should be taken and by gently giving support to the individual through the process of recovery. It is very important to emphasize that recovery or healing not only means absence of disease. It has deep and profound consequences on understanding the causes of suffering and leading to the rediscovery of our true nature, which has a crucial role in the preservation of health and balance.

The 38th Bach Flower Essences are prepared from the flowers of various wild herbs and trees. Because they are prepared in a special way, they represent vibratory essences and function at a very subtle level. In the treatment there is no generalization - each person is treated as a separate, unique case, regardless of whether there is a common symptom or illness. The fact that a person is treated as a whole allows the practitioner to discover the deepest sources and the crucial reasons that caused the disorder and to be very successful in liberating the path to health. Dr. Edward Bach


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