Balancing & Harmonizing Energy for Health (from science to esoterism)

Everything in the universe is made of energy.

The human body is an energy system. At last, today we can confirm this, because ancient and modern sciences agree that everything that vibrates with a certain frequency. The frequency is actually the velocity of motion of certain particles called electrons and protons found in the atoms and molecules of which each substance or substance is composed. Every object, animal, plant, man, and the air around us have its own vibration. The vibrations and polarities of these particles form an energy field that envelops the human body, radiates some energy and it is linked to the physical body and its functions

Every organ, tissue or cell in the living beings has its own unique frequency. Measurements of their energy field show constant vibration or resonance. Scientific research applies that disorder or imbalance in these frequencies causes conditions, diseases, infections, and lesions.

The smallest disturbance of energy in the body and in its energy field disrupts the health of the entire human system and the surrounding systems. If energy distortion is balanced or harmonized, all energy, everywhere, will return to its natural course and vibration. Strong harmonized energy can make a balance in any system that has an energy disorder. Therefore, if the human system influences energy that does not in resonance with it, it will cause disease and vice versa, strong harmonized energy will cause balancing or conditional "treatment" of a diseased or

According to the conclusions of scientific research, we can say that every disease is the result of an imbalance in the frequency of cells in the body, and as we have already mentioned all organs, tissues and body systems are composed of atoms that vibrate at the same frequency. When, for example, a virus or contaminated food enters the body, they can alter the natural vibration of the body or of a system in it. The same is true of unbalanced emotions and thoughts that create disturbance of the subtle bodies in relation to the physical body, thereby changing the normal vibrational pattern of the body.

We can be affected by external factors that we are in resonance or not and they can be useful to us or not. This includes food, air, environment, space and of course other people. The physical body does not function only for itself; it is in an unbreakable relationship with our behavior, emotions, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs, as well as our sense of purpose and meaning of life.

All of this, in our body is translated into the language of bio-chemistry, from the molecules that transmit information known as neuropeptides, to the neurotransmitters and hormones. These molecules connect the invisible world of thoughts and emotions to the physical world of our body of blood and flesh.

With a few words, either we are in resonance with our natural vibration and in health, or we are in imbalance, mismatch and disease.


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