Energy healing sessions

Everything in the universe is made of energy.

The human body is an energy system. Finally, today we can confirm this with certainty, because the ancient and modern sciences agreed that everything that exists vibrates with some frequency. Frequency is the rate of motion of particles called electrons and protons found in the atoms and molecules in all creation.

 Every object, animal, plant, human being even the air around us has its own vibration. The vibrations and polarities of these particles form an energy field that envelops the human body, radiates some energy and is inextricably linked to the physical body and its functions.

In short terms, the human body is the physical core of several energy layers that vibrate at high frequencies. The first layer closest to the physical body is called the etheric body and is in some way the pattern or the mold for the physical body. For the first time it was spotted through Kirlian’s photograph, which showed the energy casing around the physical body.

Each organ, tissue, or cell in a living thing has its own unique frequency. Measurements of their energy show constant vibration or resonance. Scientific research shows that the disturbance or imbalance of these frequencies causes conditions like diseases, infections, motations or even damage.

The slightest disturbance of the energy in the body and in its energy disturbs the health of the whole human system and the surrounding systems. If the energy disturbance is balanced or harmonized, all the energy, will return to its natural flow and vibration. Strong harmonized energy can balance any system that has an energy disturbance. Therefore, if we affect the human system with energy that is not in natural resonance with it, it will cause disease and vice versa, strong harmonized energy will cause balancing or healing of a diseased or unbalanced system.

According to the conclusions of scientific research, we can say that every disease is the result of an imbalance in the frequency of cells in the body. And as we have already said, all organs, tissues and body systems are made up of atoms that vibrate with the same frequency. When, for example, a virus or contaminated food enters the body, they can change the natural vibration of the body or a system in it. The same goes for unbalanced emotions and thoughts, which create a disturbance of the subtle bodies in relation to the physical body, and thus change the normal vibrational pattern of the body.

We can be influenced by external factors, with which we are in resonance or not, ie they are useful for us or not. This includes food, air, environment, locations and of course other people.

The physical body does not function on its own, but is inextricably linked to our behavior, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs, as well as our sense of purpose and meaning in life.

All this in our body is translated by the language of biochemistry, up to molecules that transmit information known as neuropeptides to neurotransmitters and hormones. These molecules connect the invisible world of thoughts and emotions with the physical world of our body of flesh and blood.

In short, we are either in resonance, in our natural vibration and in health, or we are in imbalance, inconsistency and disease.