Bio-Resonant Diagnostics and Therapy

Metatron-Proven efficiency

Restoring the vibratory equilibria of your organs


The nonlinear system uses the most advanced resonance spectroscopic analysis, quantum resonance analysis, acoustic resonance, by scientists from the United States and Russia. Since then, and today, this technology has been constantly tested and improved.

Recent research carried out in laboratories in the United States, Russia, Japan and Germany shows that cells, tissues and organs in biological systems have a structure that has very precise bio-electrical characteristics. Through numerous tests it has been shown that these characteristics change dramatically in the presence of pathological processes.

Each pathological process, the cause of some condition, any deviation of homeostasis has its own electromagnetic spectrum. Depending on the organ, the NLS aligns and it is associated with the frequency of the electromagnetic impulses of that specific organ. Thus, the device reads out the impulses of the organs from the client being examined, and then the software processes the received information and identifies the pathological processes in the body of the client.

Health through frequencies

Metatron is a system that provides analysis, diagnosis and therapy that determines the current state of the tissues and organs in the body. Provides health prevention or treatment of diseases by balancing cell frequencies or by preparing various remedies.

This system represents the new concept of "medicine of health", instead of the existing concept of "medicine of the disease" with a significant reduction in the treatment attempts and testing on clients, with sometimes irreversible contra effects.

What is it?

Metatron consists of an interface, a headset and a resonance chamber. It is controlled by computer and software. The software contains the frequencies of all organs and parts of the body and allows comparison and correction.

During the examination, the client sits on a chair, without crossing his arms and legs. The headphones that are placed on his head emit and receive signals from the brain and from the electrical impulses of the organs. These signals are not audio signals.

Each organ has its own electromagnetic code, and the computer analyzes each of these codes in automatic mode or at our customized selection of parameters. Metatron creates a health report for each client and provides correction for the electromagnetic imbalances and also recommends future naturopathic treatment.

Metatron is a unique system for analysis, diagnosis and therapy that accurately displays the state of the organs and tissues, as well as these following prospects:

  • Estimate the effectiveness of some treatment in a given period of time;
  • Prevent the creation of pathological processes and detects them before a cell disorder occurs;
  • Compare the effectiveness of certain treatments and chooses the best treatment avalible.

Due to this NLS exceptional risk-free performance, today Metatron is used in hospitals, clinics, research centers, athletes, health maintenance centers, dietitians, independent therapists and individuals.

It is believed that soon it will be massively used in diagnostics, treatment and research in medicine, and it is also called new age medicine. The time that is yet to come.

An analysis and tomography scanning of the present-today.
The principles of the NLS devices were set during the 50's of the last century when research began in the field of bio-resonance.