According to The Art & Science of Solution Focused Coaching
by Erickson College of Canada

Coaching is a powerful approach aimed at finding solutions in the process of helping and supporting the individual in achieving their own excellence. Coaching is an important and valuable collaboration between the coach and the client; it is a creative, challenging and motivating conversation that leads to transformation and guides the client towards their personal and professional self-realization in a secure and supportive environment.

One of the best aspects of coaching is that it combines different techniques and methods, such as NLP, visualization, trance, etc. which lead the individual towards constant growth and development, learning and efficiently working and improving the quality of their life in all fields. Coaching is based on the principle that people already have all the means or tools they need, none of us is “wrong” or “bad”; behind every behavior there is a positive intent, people are OK, change is inevitable and so on; coaching makes room for the client to rediscover their own creativity, their own means, potentials and goals, and to feel whole, again.

Another very important feature of coaching (which is why it is said to be focused on finding solutions) is that coaching does not deal with specific problems or “correcting” the individual. Dealing with problems or developing new skills can also occur during the process.

The main goal of the coaching is to achieve success, change and create a challenge for the individual or the team, supporting their advantages, cultivating their excellence and building a high-performance culture with a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving/communicating, which enables the individual or the team to rise above their own problems, easily find solutions, direct and properly use knowledge in the key field of work, and gain more insight about themselves – for their own abilities and potential.

The coach does not advise, does not teach, does not offer answers and is not closely tied to the context, which means that the coach does not need detailed information about the work field of the client. This means that the coach can work with any area and profession, wherever it is necessary to improve performance, to raise the level of awareness, personal and professional development, often in a very short time interval.

Coaching is a journey that will enrich every aspect of your life. I am honored to be able to work with you to support you in search of what you really want for yourself. Our coaching sessions can cover all aspects of your life, personal and business; your values, goals, work, relationships with others, life balance and of course the overall fulfillment. We will work to strengthen our relationship so that it fully supports your progress at all levels.

My obligations toward you as a customer:

  • I will listen to you and lead the conversation in a way to awaken the best in you;
  • I will ask you questions that will help you find your own solutions;
  • I will assist you to define and achieve your own goals;
  • I will maintain a high degree of professionalism;
  • Each session will add value on the path to your success.

Your responsibilities as a client:

Be open and honest, because only then you can get the most out of our work. Maintain integrity, sincerity, and authenticity. Your first priority, in our work, should be to take care of yourself. It is important to pay special attention to the overall mind-body-emotion system. Set big goals. Take responsibility for your actions and results. Be open to new opportunities. Experiment with new ideas. This will sometimes go easy, and maybe sometimes will require some courage to move into the unknown.

How to get the most out of coaching:

  • Be prepared;
  • Use the coach as a resource, but do not expect answers, I will not tell you what to do. You will find the answers during the coaching program;
  • Enjoy your coaching conversations;
  • Come prepared for challenges. I promise to hold you for your word, I will respect your vision and focus on the goals you set.

You are the person who makes all the decisions during the coaching process and you are responsible for all the action steps that are defined during the coaching project, as well as for personal and business success. Coaching can make your life far better than you imagined, and can lead you where you always wanted to go.

Some of the benefits that can be obtained through coaching are:

  • Discovering your true self;
  • Recognizing and realizing your own goals, dreams, desires, talents;
  • Setting priorities;
  • Expressing creativity;
  • Constructive thinking, managing emotions, effective behavior;
  • Establishing personal values, your own vision and mission in life;
  • Leading a life with meaning and purpose;
  • Building successful relationships;
  • Gaining a practical knowledge and decision-making skills;
  • Achieving balance;
  • Improving performance, potentials and efficiency;
  • Developing self-esteem and confidence in your own inner voice;
  • Achieving success in a professional plan.

Coaching can be applied in a variety of situations in which personal or professional development is required, or solving situations and problems from every aspect of life, such as blocked situations, stress, crises in personal or professional life, lack of motivation, problems in leading teams, conflict situations, etc.

The methods used in our coaching sessions are:

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing);
  • Wingwave®- coaching;
  • PCM (Process Communication Model).

We strongly recommend that you learn more about coaching, find out what your goals are in working with the coach, and don’t forget that coaching is an important relationship.

The relationship between you and the coach should be tailored for you personally in a way that you will feel comfortable.