according The Art & Science of Solution Focused Coaching by Erickson College of Canada Enrich every aspect of your life

Coaching is a powerful approach aimed at finding solutions in the process of helping and supporting the individual in its achievement of his own excellence. Coaching is an important and valuable collaboration between the coach and the client; it is a creative, challenging and motivating conversation that leads to transformation and guides the client towards personal and professional self-realization in a secure environment that provides support.

One of the best sides of coaching is that it combines different techniques and methods, such as NLP, visualization, trans, etc. which lead the individual towards constant growth and development, learning and efficiently working and improving the quality of his life in all fields. Coaching is based on the principles that people already have all the means or tools they need, none of us is "wrong" or "bad"; behind every behavior is a positive intent, people are OK, the change is inevitable and so on; the coaching provides to the client to rediscover his own creativity, his own means or tools, potentials and goals, and once again to feel whole.

The Professional Coach has several basic abilities and skills, such as:

  • Listening, observing and accurately following the needs and goals of the individual, which means that each coaching session is the unique experience for both involved parties;
  • Setting clear and relevant questions in order to encourage the individual on his path to self-disclosure;
  • Excitation of emotional, psychological and spiritual conditions at the individual all in one purpose, to bring them to the surface of consciousness;
  • Giving and receiving feedback;
  • Emphasizing that the individual is responsible for his own actions and results.

Coaching is a powerful link between a coach and a client based on sincerity, truth and mutual trust, which is full of analyzing and reflection, reviewing attitudes and behaviors in a safe and secure environment, and allowing the client to formulate his own ideas and solutions.

Another very important feature of coaching (that why it is aimed at finding solutions) is that coaching does not deal with specific problems or by "correcting" the individual. Also dealing with problems or developing new skills can occur during the process.

The main goal of the coaching is the achieving success, change and creating a challenge in the individual or team, supporting its advantages, cultivating its excellence and building a high-performance culture with a new way of thinking, feeling and behaving/communicating, which enables the individual or the team to rise above their own problems, easily find solutions, direct and properly use knowledge in the key field of work, and gain more insight about themselves - for their own abilities and potential.

The coach does not advice, does not teach, does not offer answers and is not closely related to the context, which means that the coach does not need detailed information about the work field of the client. This means that the coaching can work with any area and profession, wherever it is necessary to improve performance, to raise the level of awareness, personal and professional development, often in a very short time interval