EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques

Extraordinary Relief For Your Issues

EmotionalFreedomTechniques - EFT is a type of intervention that combines different methods of alternative medicine, including acupuncture, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), energy therapy and Thought Field Therapy.

Essentially, EFT is the emotional equivalent of acupuncture; the difference is that it does not use needles. The process consists of psychic "focusing" on specific problems while at the same time stimulating certain meridian points of the body by tapping with fingers. EFT balances the disturbances of the meridian system and the treatment lasts a few minutes or hours rather than lasting for months or years as long as it would take the conventional therapy. The basic method is very simple and everyone can easily learn it. No prior knowledge is required.

In ancient Tibetan and Chinese traditions, there is an age-old teaching, from about 5,000 years ago, about the construction of the human being. This is the core of eastern traditional medicine and it forms the basics of various modern techniques, such as acupuncture, acupressure, Pranic Healing and many more. The ancient peoples since then discovered the complex system of energy circuits that pass through and around the body.

These energy circuits, the so-called meridians, cannot be seen with the naked eye and they show that our bodies basically have an electric nature. Our electrical systems are vital to our health. Through the body, electrical messages are constantly sent to keep up with everything that is happening. When this energy does not flow through the body, we could not see, listen, feel, taste or smell.

EFT gives clear evidence that energy flows through your meridians, because it gives results trought you can see that really exist. By simply tapping around the endpoints of your energy meridians, you can witness great changes in your emotional and physical health. EFT is based on the fact that negative states are stored, even stuck, in the energy system of the body.

The intention of inserting needle for acupuncture into energetic, ie, prana-meridian, is to move the stagnant energy or stuck prana (energy). EFT functions on the same principle, it moves the stuck or stagnant emotional energy by replacing it with peace, trust, peace, ability.