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Several definitions of meditation

  • "Meditation is a systematic way of silencing the mind so we can reach our true self, which is a source of eternal happiness, bliss and peace."
  • "Meditation is a state in which there is no mind."
  • "Meditation is a state of existence after we have discovered our true self."
  • "Meditation is the state of consciousness that occurs when the mind ceases to exist."
  • "Whenever we are relaxed, when our mind is silent and carefully observing, when we are not inwardly devoted to any thoughts - then we meditate."
  • "Meditation means not to think of anything. It's not contemplation. It's not concentrating on anything. In fact, it is the process of removing all thoughts."

Meditation is actually a process of discovering oneself.

To the question "Who are you?" We all answer with some description or attributes for ourselves, and which completely depend on the external circumstances. All these things are the identities or roles that we create and live through our lives: mother, father, engineer, manager, lives in Sweden, looks like this anyway, and so on. However, there is one part of us that remains unchanged and untouched by the outside world and represents the core of our existence.

Meditation is a way to get to know that part - our true identity.

In reality, we are all consciousness. We are not our body, we are not our emotions, we are not our mind, we are not our thoughts; we are a soul. We are the only consciousness that feels and sees everything that happens while we play our part in life. This consciousness, by nature, is calm, peaceful, and it rejuvenates us.

Meditation is a process of awareness of this consciousness that exists in us.

When meditating we come into contact with our true self i.e. with our true identity. Through regular meditation we slowly begin to discover this "I" in all its different forms, and we begin to see ourselves as something separate from our body and our mind.

Self-realization through meditation dramatically changes our perception of the world around us. Being at the center of our "I" brings us peace, serenity and unexplained joy. Moreover, our perspective is changing for the better and we feel exceptional happiness, unconditional love and compassion for everything that exists. Most importantly, these positive states do not depend from external factors, but are long-term. The state of self-realization is completely independent and unconditionally wakes up from within.