Non-hypnotic regression

Owning The Shadow Self: The Ultimate Guide to the Human Darkness

Non-hypnotic regression

In our life, we can find ourselves somewhere and suddenly to know that everything is familiar and close to us. That is often a reminder of a previous life, but generally this feeling does not go beyond ordinary recognition. If we experience something like this, we should bear in mind that this is not a coincidence. Finding ourselves in such situation certainly has its own message, something from the past that wants to remind us of events that are surely important for the present.

The more subtle souls can have other ways of remembering past lives, trough messages coming in sleep or visions, but here it is usually a matter of certain pieces of the past life.One option that gives us insight into all past lives is the individual non-hypnotic regression. Precisely this form of regression is best because during the whole session we have full control at all levels, we are aware of everything, we can refuse to see what we do not want, if we estimate that it can hurt us or act traumatically and in any case, from that experience, we bring what is best for us, giving us a good insight into what has been and what interacts with the present.

This is a great advantage in terms of hypnotic regression that can get out of control and become dangerous; threatening the psychic state of the person undergoing the regression, and also in terms of group regression that does not allow the therapist to interact individually, so some people may have certain consequences.

Our soul is developing step by step, and such steps can be plenty, in the form of diverse lives. The Soul has purpose of mastering certain lessons, and until we fully mastered one, we cannot cross to another. Some past lives are more important for the present life, some are less important, but they all make a whole that shows where we are and what we are after. The most important thing is what we have chosen to solve in this life, and from that area we should draw everything that has already been experienced and in that way determine how is best to create our future moves.

It is interesting to note that some of our frustrations, discomforts, dissatisfaction, and blockages can be solved by remembering the early childhood of the present life. Sometimes even that is enough to understand what is causing some of our problems, and when we bring that in light, then there is chance for the problems to be solved.

People often are asking, how much of the regression is a part of their fantasy is. In the regressions you are not seeing what you would like to when you are awake. There are a lot of average lives, except in rare cases, with many painful and mischievous endings, whom they would rather not remember. Every regression is a surprise for both clients and therapists. This is an experience you cannot explain if you didn’t experienced for yourself, same as a blind man cannot imagine colors. Because of this regression is something that qualitatively and deeply enriches the life of the person, regardless of the age. For example, persons in their seventies, thinks that cannot find or discover something new, something that would be unknown for them but, despite the age, in the regression a new world is reviled and the person undergoing is always amazed.

The result is that you`ll have a wider picture for yourself and the world. You are getting a new meaning by knowing your life propose and path. As you are no longer afraid from the death, you are no longer depended from many "life insurances". You're solving your own chronic fears; you are holding the strings of life in your hand now, because you have better understanding of it. This brings a feeling of security, self confidence and overall enjoyment in life.

The memories of past lives know how to impose the need for major changes in current way of life, making big decisions that would change a lot of things, and there is the feeling of uncertainty, if we accept that. The only right way is to listen to our inner voice and act in harmony with it, despite how unusual for us to make new decisions. If we do not take some steps and if we continue to bear the situations that we are not satisfied, the regression will indicate where the root of those problems is, but in that case it did not help us. As all the answers are hidden somewhere deep in us, all decisions and further moves depend on us.

The preview from the past extends our sight, and this should be a sufficient for taking the matters into our own hands. If nothing else, we could afford a certain relaxation from everything that accumulates in the form of negative energy in us, the forgiveness of all those who in any way hurt us, because we too did it to someone else, consciously or unconsciously and finally to open to the light of life thinking positively, doing positively and creating positively. What we are emitting from ourselves that we will receive, that is the energy that we`ll attract. If we already had that privilege to face past mistakes, we can use it as a lesson learned not to repeat it and experience life as a gift not as a suffering. Every good that we do will return to us in the same form, and in order for us to do good, we need to create ourselves conditions in order to feel good.