Non-hypnotic regression

Owning The Shadow Self: The Ultimate Guide to the Human Darkness

What is a non-hypnotic regression?


Non-hypnotic regression is a pure memory of the souls of something that has already been experienced, and appears in that form because consciousness and sub-consciousness are equalized. Some call it an extended state of consciousness, but it is still something much deeper.

It can happen that in life we find ourselves somewhere and suddenly think that everything is known and close to us. That is often a recollection of a previous life, but generally this feeling does not go beyond ordinary recognition. If we experience something like this, we should bear in mind that this is not a coincidence. Finding ourselves in such a situation certainly has its own message, something from the past that wants to remind us of events that are certainly significant for the present.

More subtle souls can have other ways of remembering past lives, so the messages come to them in a dream or through visions, showing certain pieces of a past life. One option that gives us insight into all past lives is the individual non-hypnotic regression. Exactly this form of regression is the best, because during the whole session we have full control at all levels, we are aware of everything, we can refuse to see what we do not want to see, especially if we assess that it can harm  us or be  traumatic for us. Inany case, from that experience, we bring what is best for us, giving us a good insight into what had been and what is intertwined with the present.

Our soul is developing step by step, and such steps can be plenty, in the form of various lives. The soul has a purpose of mastering certain lessons, and until we fully master one, we cannot cross to another. Some past lives are more important for the present life, some are less important, but they all make a whole that shows where we are and what we are looking for. The most important thing is what we have chosen to solve in this life, and from that point we should extract everything that has already been experienced and in that way determine how best to create our future moves.

People often wonder, how much of the regression is a part of their fantasy. In regressions you never see what you would like to see when you are awake. There are a lot of mediocre lives, except in rare cases, with many painful and sad endings, that we would rather not remember. Each regression is a surprise for both the client and the therapist. It is an experience you cannot explain if you didn’t experienced it for yourself, just as a blind man who cannot imagine colors. Therefore, the regression is something that qualitatively and deeply enriches a person’s life, regardless of the age. For example, people in their seventies think they cannot find or discover something new, something that would be unknown for them but, despite the age, in the regression a new world is revealed and they are always amazed.

The result is that you`ll have a wider picture of yourself and the world. You get a new meaning by knowing your life purpose and your path. As you are no longer afraid from the death, you are no longer dependent on many “life assurances”. You’re solving your own chronic fears; and you stop attracting recurring negative events. It can range from financial opportunities to love and health. You are holding the strings of life in your hands now, because you have better understanding of life now. This brings a feeling of security, self-confidence and overall enjoyment in life.

Memories of past lives can impose on us the need for major changes in the way of life today, making big decisions that would change a lot of things, and there is the feeling of uncertainty, if we accept the changes. The only right way is to listen to our inner voice and act in harmony with it, no matter how unusual our new decisions may seem. If we do not take some steps and if we continue to bear situations that we are not satisfied, the regression will indicate where the root of those problems is, but in that case it has not helped us. As all the answers are hidden somewhere deep within us, all decisions and further moves depend on us.

Looking at the past broadens our horizons, and that should be a sufficient basis for taking the matters into our own hands. If nothing else, we can afford a certain relaxation from everything that has accumulated in the form of negative energy in us, forgiving all those who have hurt us in any way, because we too have done the same to someone else, consciously or unconsciously, and finally open ourselves to the light of life thinking positively, doing positively and creating positively.

What a non-hypnotic regression can give us is a review of past lives up to the details that we want to see. The past life stories we see are not as important in terms of who we were as the experience of the souls themselves, patterns of behavior, reactions, thoughts, actions, events that are conditioned by someone else’s decisions, and refer to us, our reactions to others, and ultimately how we feel about fulfillment in that life, whether we have accomplished our task completely, partially or passed on some other life later.

Actually, regression is recommended for anyone who wants to know more, by this way we can learn a lot about the path of our soul, about the experiences of everything we brought with us in this life. An insight into past lives can shorten us the way of solving the karmic tails we carry with us. If we see what the main problem was in the past, even if we find some parallels with the present life and realize that we may repeat some mistakes, we can start to change it sooner after we see where the roots of the problem are.

A single non-hypnotic regression session lasts about 2 hours. During that session, the client goes through 1 to 3 past lives. Also, it passes through the experience of death (which is a very pleasant feeling). Then it is followed by a conversation with the spiritual guide or the Higher Self with advice for the present life that follows, and at the end we make a process of emotional purification, after which we return to the present moment. The whole procedure is recorded and you will get an audio file after the session.