Shamanic Heart Healing®

Shaman is the one who Sees and Knows life perfect as it is

Шаманизмот е духовна пракса што може да се најде во култури низ целиот свет од античките времиња до денес. Овие практики коегзистираат над милениуми со различни култури, системи на владеење, и организираните религиозни практики.

Многу формални религии, од хиндуизмот до исламот, потекнуваат од древните шамански корени и се уште носат шамански теми на длабока врска со божественото во сите нешта. Шаманските практики се практични и флексибилни. Една од нив е и Shamanic Heart Healing therapy.

Shamanic Heart Healing therapy® or SHH ® is a set of workshops where you remember non-traditional, universal shamanism, or as some people call it core shamanism or urban shamanism. However the word Shaman comes from Siberia, but it's teachings are universal.

Shamanic Heart Healing is a complete work of using ancient shamanic practices in our everyday lives and healings. It is a series of many 2 or 3 day workshops where you connect to ancient wisdoms of the shamans with the powerful strength of the Sacred space of our Hearts.

Subjects which we cover on the workshops:

  • Remembering the Heart Shaman within;
  • Reconnecting to our Inner guidance and Shamanic light trance through our Heart and inner Imagery;
  • Understanding the use of Medicine Wheel in relation with Merkaba;
  • Overcoming our beliefs and limitations in Healing;
  • Entering the shamanic state of consciousness;
  • Remember the Healing of others and yourself through connection with your spirit guides and Universe, from our Sacred space of the Heart;
  • Connecting to Spirit guides and allies for healing (power animals, spiritual teachers);
  • Activate and use your inner senses;
  • Distant healing as individual or as a group;
  • Learning to find the source of a problem in a person;
  • Healing with sound of your voice using Heart power song, and using drums and rattle;
  • Using advanced techniques as Shamanic Extraction and Soul retrieval with your Spirit guidance;
  • Realizing that imagination is the strongest tool you can ever have as it unlocks hidden realms of consciousness;
  • Shamanic Energy Surgery;
  • And remembering the Ancient Shaman within through guided and self-intuitive practices and exercises.