Wingwave® - Coaching

А small change can give rise to a big tidal wave.

... А simple movement like that of a flapping of a wing by a butterfly gives rise to a tornado somewhere else.

Developed by Cora Besser-Siegmund and HarrySiegmund, German psychologists and management trainers at the Besser-Sigmund institute in Hamburg in Germany during the 1990s, Wingwave® coaching is a new accelerated coaching concept that combines several extremely efficient and tried-and-true coaching techniques in order to get quick, complete and long lasting results. This method is used by many people, including successful executives, managers, creative people and athletes in order to maximize their capacities and improve their performance on a personal and professional level, to better focus and improve their own health and well-being.

This innovative method is commonly used when it comes to all aspects of life related to stressful experiences from the past and/or aggravating feelings regarding future events that affect the client's health and success. This method is based on scientific research and the results of it are very evident, measurable and fast. It takes into account the way our brain works and how it processes information, and

The metaphor hiding behind the name Wingwave® (wing-wave, wave-wave) comes from Edward Lorentz's chaos theory, according to which only one swinging of the butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane to the other side of the world if the swing occurred in the exact time and place ... "Wing" in the word wing wave comes from the flutter of the butterfly's wing. Similarly, in order for your coaching session to make the necessary changes, you will select a specific starting point for your WingWave-coaching based on your physical and emotional needs at that point, using a muscular response test (" O-ringtest ").

The WingWave metaphor also applies to how the two hemispheres of the brain work together, thus providing support to "intellectual flights" and providing "successful landing". "Wave" is also part of the term "brainwave" which means "ingenious idea" or "inspiration outburst". It is these kinds of brainwaves

Also, wingwave® does not require the client to perform "emotional striptease" by talking about their problems and analyzing them; instead, the negative emotions that are the target of the intervention are found in a painless way, with a myostatic test. Because of this, wingwave® coaching is particularly useful when dealing with clients suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, including victims of trauma or ill-treatment, as well as those suffering from anxiety, phobias and panic attacks.

The wingwave® technology combines:

  • Bilateral stimulation of the hemispheres by stimulating the "aware" rapid eye movement (REM - rapideyemovement) with sound or tactile left-right stimulations;
  • Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) (defining goals, working with sub-modalities, re-framing, timeline work, etc.);
  • Kinesiology - a test for muscular response (a myostatic test) to evaluate the effectiveness of the process.