Access Bars®

If you could wake up tomorrow without past, without limitations, without expectations...What choice would you make?

How can it be better than this?

Do you seem to have no way out, and that you are running in cicles? Do you feel crushed and wthiout power tomove on?

In every situation there are countless opportunities, whenever you seem to have no way out you do not actually see it because of the limitations imposed by your own thoughts, emotions, experiences, beliefs from who knows which past life.

What does the Access bars® treatment looks like?

Access bars® is a set of 32 energy points on the head that keep stored electromagnetic components of all our thoughts, ideas, attitudes, beliefs we once had.Every attitude and every assurance is a restriction that prevent us from achieving our full potential.

With an easy touch of these points, an electromagnetic charge is created which releases the limits, i.e. the energy equivalents of judgment and stuck thought patterns, emotions, beliefs.

It's like deleting files on a computer. You delete old files that choke you and occupy a place, while doing so:

  • You do not have to know what did you released and from what timeline
  • You do not have to face the past to change the present
Simply give up everything you do not need and thus create a space for something new, which suits you more at this point. Treatment usually lasts 60-90 minutes, does not require any prior preparation and, depending on the case, needs to be repeated.

Who can benefit from the Access bars® treatment?

The treatment does not have any contraindications and can be beneficial to anyone who wants a change in any segment of life or just relaxing in order to get rid of everything that is pressing.

It is recommended especially for people who are in constant stress, managers, students, pupils, athletes but also small children and pregnant women.

What awaits you after the BARS treatment?

Internal peace, better sleep, immunity to stress, and more energy. This treatment strengthens your immune system and vitality, and affects your weight gain. It has been proven to work on strengthening the concentration, i.e. achieving better results at work, in learning and in sports.

After the BARS treatment, expect a better communication with the people around you, because your relationship with yourself will be much stronger.

This method was first used by Gary Douglas in 1990, who is also the founder of the Access Consciousness approach, and the positive effects of this treatment are confirmed by renowned decoders and neurologists.