Awakening the illuminated Heart®

„Love has a power that has long been forgotten. A power so strong that it created the Universe in which we live & move around in.“

It is your heart that contains the original instructions of life, and when your Heart is again in control of our life, life responds with Joy and power.

We are living in a time of immense changes which are occuring on all levels – Mother Earth is changing her vibration, our collective consciousness is shifting faster than ever... It is important to find that place within ourselves, to pass through these times with love and strength which has always been within us (and which we have just forgotten about).

Through the practice of Awakening the Illuminated Heart® technique or ATIH® you are given the opportunity to greatly deepen your path of awakening to your true nature, your true being. When this is completed, you’ll have theinner tools to truly begin the ascension process. Trough ATIH® technique you will learn:

  • How to overcome the limiting beliefs and reach an even higher state of consciousness.
  • How to access and use the eternal wisdom of your heart, instead of what your brain is trying to make you believe.
  • Remember and activate it, your own light body.
  • How to take back your power and activate your amazing divine self.
  • Experience the incredible power of forgiving from your heart.
  • Shift from fear to Love.

Remember your Merkaba, to bring it to it's full potential. You will begin to understand just how powerful you really are and what you are really capable of. You will remember… Be ready for the upcoming changes.


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