Massage is one of the oldest methods that is constantly upgraded, enriched with new techniques and is presented through manipulations of soft tissues for therapeutic purposes. Today there are various massage devices, but hand massage stands out because of the therapeutic, diagnostic and psychological impact on the client. When we have pain, we instinctively rub the sore spot, that is why the data on the use of massage date back to an antient times.

Massage was used in Egypt, Persia, the ancient Greeks and Romans as a method of healing wounds. Well-known physicians Hippocrates and Galen recommended massage as a method of healing.

According to the properties of, the massage they can can be divided into: medical, hygienic, sports, foot massage, acupressure massage, lymphatic drainage massage.


Recently, there are other forms of massage techniques like reiki massage.


Massage can be used as basic therapy or as supplementary, combined with another therapeutic techniques.

It is useful for all aspects of the human body and is recommended for conditions that interfere with the healthy functioning of the locomotor system, deformities, contractures (limited movement in the joints), muscle hypotrophy, tendon inflammation, muscle spasms, and simply when you just want to relax from everyday stress.

Reduces cramps, swelling in the joints, relieves rheumatic difficulties. Improves or facilitates the breathing process, improves circulation.

It has a calming effect, reduces headaches, migraines. Helps strengthen immunity, acts to harmonize the work of internal organs and the whole body in general. Most importantly, it has an anti-stress effect, improves your mood, and thus improves your overall vitality.