Process Communication Mode (PCM)

Discover the Skill of Adaptive Communication

Change the way you interact with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Misunderstanding occurs when people do not communicate in a way that is appropriate for the other type of person. This reduces productivity, which can damage the company financially, and leads individuals in different degrees of stress.

Each type of person has its tell-tale signs of stress. PCM helps not only to recognize this behavior in others and yourself, but at the same time provides tools to go back to productive effective communication.


  • Adaptive Communication Skills
  • Positive Personal Connections
  • Effective management
  • Increased Operational Effectiveness
  • Building Personal Impact
  • Building an organizational engagement

Regardless whenever you are an individual or business company or a trainer, we will create an appropriate strategy for you or your company for successful PCM training. Download our online personal account list Our assessment is a reliable, anonymous and reliable tool that identifies your personality structure. After completing our assessment, we will create your individualized and unique "Key to me" profile. PCM can be used immediately. By integrating this model into your personal and professional life, you will be able to build positive personal connections and have successful, effective communication.

Studies have shown that emotional intelligence (EQ) is the strongest for success factor predictor, explaining 58% of success in all kinds of things. According to Howard Gardner of Harvard University, the most important and highest paid intelligence is social intelligence. This is about our ability to negotiate, communicate, and persuade.

However, our "soft skills" are declining globally from year to year. Studies show a reduction in empathy, emotional management, and internal motivation.

Is it related to the dramatic increase in stress we see? 75% of employees want a new job. What a disconnect! We know how important "soft skills" are for being successful in our lives. Like all skills, they can be learned and developed.

There is a fixed view that emotional intelligence is some sort of talent and that there are people who are good at this and people who are more task-oriented. This way of thinking is not only expensive but also unhealthy and over time unsustainable. So, maybe it's time to change our perception and begin to train "soft skills", and like any other skill we have that requires work and dedication and after mastering, it will exceed our expectations.

Are you communicating or you just talk?

It is almost absurd that the way we communicate can be more important for success than about what we communicate.Studies have shown that communication patterns - along with body language - mean 50% of the difference between low performance and high performance teams.

PCM is a method that allows you to analyze and adapt the communication patterns to each individual.

Teresa Amabile of the University of Hardwood has shown that the ultimate motivator for success is progress. "When employees feel they are progressing, their success is on top." Progress means developing on to a better state. Accordingly, progress is rather individual. For some, it is an improved relationship, for other creative solutions, and for third when a project is completed. Negative events have a strong impact on the emotions and motivation of the people than the positive ones. Applying the wrong way of communication is not just a waste of time, it actively reduces productivity.

The good news is that managers can influence the progress of success for each individual member of the team successfully. By using PCM skills you are taught what a particular person needs to be motivated. At the same time, it is taught to recognize the negative motivation and to predict what negative behavior will be the result.

Flexibility is not just how fast we can recover from an accident, but a constant process that keeps the body and mind in a balanced state. We believe that flexibility can be learned. With PCM, people learn constantly to care in an elegant way for their needs, how to fill the batteries and create a positive environment. Having these skills enables us to achieve not only high performance, but at the same time to feel good and happy.