Traditional Usui Reiki

We all have the ability to heal.

Basic effects of Reiki energy:

  • leads to deep relaxation,
  • removes energy blockages,
  • detoxifies the body,
  • gives vitality,
  • increases the frequency of vibration of the body and
  • leads to self-discovery.

One of Reiki's main characteristics is that the client identifies their own needs and attracts energy according to them, making the client an active part of the healing process. The individual takes the responsibility for his own healing.

In order for a person to begin practicing Reiki, first it is necessary to go through an initiation by a Reiki teacher, known as "attunement"", which harmonises the body's electromagnetic field with the energy of Reiki and allows the student to connect with the inexhaustible source of "universal life energy" and thus to improve his health and quality of life.Everyone can go through the process of "attunement" and learn how to use the energy of Reiki.

Reiki is very effective, easy to learn and easy to use.


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