Your first Human Design reading

"Be yours. Love yourself. "You are important."

Imagine for a moment how your life was different for you and your family if you have a “user manual” to guide you since your birth?

Something that encouraged you from a young age how to act, yes you knew what was right and wrong for you?

Human Design is just that. It is known as the “Science of Differentiation” and works as your guide to use in this life, a map of your uniqueness and a personal guide to success. It shows us that each of us has a unique design and a specific goal to fulfill while on earth, how we are genetically designed to work with the world, and how our internal leadership system works.

If you are unfamiliar with the principle of Human Design, the first step is to do a basic, basic reading. This is your initiation into the living of your design and offers a deep, holistic view of your inner state. It will reveal your true nature and help you understand where your voice of truth lies and how to make the right decisions for yourself. It can help you understand your own talents, inclinations and flaws.

Through this reading, you will restore the sense of purpose and point in your life, which is based on your individual design. This will allow you to truly be yourself and make the right decisions as well as apply this knowledge in everyday life. People often get a sense of relief after reading Human Design for the first time. They feel that they are what they really are, instead of what others want them to be, and finally have the opportunity to be what they want to be.

Basic reading will cover your type and your strategy. We will dive deep into the unique energy you bring to this world and how to use your highest form of decision-making skills.

Session plan

  • How do you process different types of energy in each of your energy centers and how do they affect your authentic expression?
  • The strategy you can trust when making decisions from time to time that are right for you so that your only life goal can happen naturally
  • How to remove resistance that will allow you to live in a relaxed, unique, creative and revolutionary way
  • Disadvantages and strengths in physical and emotional health
  • The right kind of work for you
  • What do healthy relationships look like to you?
  • The main topics around your personal life goal


Individual sessions for Human Design are led by Sarita Jasmin.


Sarita is an intuitive healer, world traveler and Human Design expert with experience in managing technology and human resources in the Australian corporate world. She met Human Design 5 years ago in Hawaii and was immediately encouraged to make drastic changes in her life that enable her to live more authentically and take her on a path to self-fulfillment and realization of all aspects of life.

She believes that authentic self-expression, spiritual pursuit, and the creation of the desired life are intertwined, and that Human Design is one of many ways to get closer to what you already know: that you were born on this planet to contribute to something greater through your unique abilities and skills. It specializes in helping people find a greater sense of purpose and confidence in life by learning how to love their unique abilities and free themselves from the resistance or conditionality that can prevent them from being natural. designed.