Conscious Breathing

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Conscious breathing is most often done in a resting position, whereby you learn to connect your breathing so that there will be no breaks between each inhalation and exhalation. Slowly you will be led to find your own rhythm, which would probably be faster and deeper than you are accustomed to.


The whole process takes about 75 minutes, with an integration phase of 15 minutes at the end of the session. Overall, a session of conscious-linked breathing lasts about two to three hours.

Through continuous breathing without breaks, your body receives more oxygen than usual, which changes the level of carbon dioxide in your brain. When this happens, you enter a self-induced trance state, where various memories, images, emotions, and body sensations come to the surface to be examined, released, and integrated. The power of this technique is that, in this state you are at the same time the experiencer and the observer of past incidents.

This allows you to get rid of them or to reinterpret them from a new perspective.

Through this method you accumulate life force (prana, chi, ki), which begins to move freely through your body (commonly experienced as a jump or waves of energy). This lessen up the accumulated blockades in the four-energy system in your body (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), working on all four levels simultaneously.

Experiences during this technique can vary all the time. The spectrum of these experiences can be from, physical sensations of pain or pleasure, the release of blockages in the body sensed as heat, to energy movement to release emotions (sadness, anger, fury, etc.). Insights can be obtained for the dysfunctional order of thoughts or for a new order of thoughts, as well and profound spiritual experiences.

During the whole process, you are under surveillance and you receive an advice from an experienced guide.