Human Design session

8.100 ден

Through this reading, you will restore the sense of purpose and the point in your life, which is based on your individual design. This will allow you to truly be yourself and make the right decisions as well as apply this knowledge in everyday life. People often get a sense of relief after reading Human Design for the first time.

They feel that they are what they really are, instead of what others want them to be, and finally have the opportunity to be what they want to be.


Which areas will we cover:

  • How you process different types of energies in each of your energy centres and how they influence your authentic expression
  • The strategy you can trust to make moment-to-moment decisions that are correct for you so that your unique life purpose can unfold naturally
  • How to eliminate resistance that will allow you to live in a relaxed, unique, creative and revolutionary way
  • Vulnerabilities and strengths in physical and emotional health
  • The right type of work for you
  • What healthy relationships look like for you
  • The main themes around your personal life purpose


Information that we need:

For this reading please provide us with your full name, birth date, birth time and location at least 2 days prior to our scheduled meeting as well as any main point of interest you may have.


Sessions can be done onstite as well as online.

The reading lasts 90 minutes and is recorded for you, so you can always return to it.

Human Design reader: Sarita Yasmin