Non-hypnotic regression

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What a non-hypnotic regression can allow us is a review of past lives up to the details that we want to see. The past life stories we see are not so important in a way what we have been, but important as the experience of the souls themselves. All of this is pointing on behavior patterns, reactions, thoughts, actions, events that are conditioned by someone else’s decisions, but referring to us, our reactions to others, and ultimately what is our feeling of fulfillment in this life. Whether we have accomplished our task completely, in partially or moved forward into some other life later.


Non-hypnotic regression is a pure memory of the souls of something that has already been experienced, and appears in that form because consciousness and sub consciousness are equalized. Some call it an extended state of consciousness, but it is still something much deeper.


A single non-hypnotic regression session takes about 2 hours. During that session, the client goes through 1 to 3 past lives

The client lies, with his eyes closed, covered with a scarf, and sees the images of past lives and experiences them emotionally. At the same time, one does not lose awareness of oneself. It is like the state before going to sleep, when images move in front of our eyes, and we have not fallen asleep yet.

The method is safe and very enjoyable.

You receive a personal audio recording of the session.

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