Personalized Bach Flower Remedies

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The 38 essences are divided into 7 major groups. Each group is associated with a particular emotion:

  • for fear
  • for uncertainty
  • for insufficient interest in the current circumstances
  • for loneliness
  • for hypersensitivity to influences and ideas
  • for despair and apathy
  • for excessive concern for the well-being of others


Flowering essences can be taken preventively to prevent the development of further health problems or during the particular disorder (stress, restlessness, shock, etc.) or illness.
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What we need to make your personalized flower remedy?

First and Foremost

Send the completed questionnaire to

Your unique combination of Bach drops is created based on the answers to the completed questionnaire.

You get 30 ml of personalized essence that is made especially  just for you.

Natural and safe, they have no side effects and are not addictive, making them suitable for everyone, including plants and animals. They can be taken separately, or together with different medical or alternative methods of treatment.

Delivery is 3-5 working days, after sending the questionnaire and payment conformation.

Shipping available only in North Мacedonia.