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Access Bars® session
4.050 ден
Do you seem to have no way out, and that...
Bio-mimetric Mimicry
2.170 ден
Bio-mimetic and Bio-mimetric Mimicry – a gentle and elegant treatment...
Business & Career Constellation
3.100 ден
An approach to addressing organizational and business problems using the...
Clearing Session
2.025 ден
New technologies allow sessions to take place live and online,...
Conscious Breathing
4.050 ден
Conscious breathing is most often done in a resting position,...
Crystal Healing
2.500 ден
Balancing the body, mind, and energy through the healing power...
Distant healing sessions
1.625 ден13.000 ден
Distant Healing works according to an ancient principle called the...
Energy Facelift®
5.920 ден
Energy Facelift®is a body, energy treatment that provides a simple...
Energy healing session
2.025 ден16.200 ден
"Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change...
Master Healing Session
3.375 ден
We humans are complex vibrating beings who often, from time...
Rated 1.00 out of 5
Mentor Session / Consultation Session
1.687 ден
The journey of development & evolution very often demands more...
MTVSS Immune treatment
2.170 ден
MTVSS Immune treatment is one of the most dynamic practical...
Нехипнотичка регресија
Non-hypnotic regression
10.640 ден
What a non-hypnotic regression can allow us is a review...
3.450 ден27.750 ден