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Advanced Energy Work Masterclass
12.500 ден
Advanced Energy Work is a specialized workshop for those who...
All about Mindfulness Workshop
7.800 ден
4 week online program for optimizing  the quality of you...
Architecture of Self – Online program
10.950 ден
Things are impossible only if you believe in that.  All...
Basics of Еnergy Work Masterclass
12.500 ден
Everything that exists is made of energy and is subject to its laws and principles. If we understand how energy works, we will understand the mechanisms by which things are happening, and thus better  manage our own life....
Certified Reiki Level 1 Course
7.150 ден
Reiki heals the complete person - the body, the emotions,...
Rated 1.00 out of 5
Certified Reiki Level 2 course
10.400 ден
Reiki level 2 invites you to deepen the connection with...
Rated 1.00 out of 5
Certified Reiki Level 3/A course
24.050 ден
Continuing Reiki practice with this third, advanced level would mean...
Rated 1.00 out of 5
Emotional Intelligence
5.300 ден
This training aims to raise the capacity of emotional intelligence...
Energy Work Mastery
12.500 ден
Energy Work Mastery is a specialized Masterclass for learning techniques...
Integration Process (6 Steps to Wholeness)
8.100 ден
As a participant of the Integration Process (6 Steps to...
Post Covid Balance – Online Wokrshop
12.500 ден
Covid – 19 pandemics made a permanent imprint on our...
Project: (r)Evolution
9.360 ден
Discover the secret of the World`s famous Life coaches utilizing...
Psychic Self-Defense
12.480 ден
Duration of the workshop: Every person experiences psychological attacks and...