Coaching Gym

Replace individual sessions with a monthly subscription!

Subscribe to our Coaching Gym and activate the emotional and thought processes and build skills that will help you in all aspects of professional and private life.

We create unique programs suitable for individuals and groups.

Not always, conventional training for personal growth and development programs are functional or applicable in your environment or business.

That is why we are here, to use all our knowledge and tools to create unique TRAINING and PROGRAMS that will be tailored to your needs or the needs of your company and employees.

How to achieve your goal?

The combination of ancient and modern knowledge, applicable in everyday life.

We apply skills, techniques, methods, and knowledge that cover all aspects of people as a whole.

In other words, we value HOLISTIC & MINDFUL approaches to all of our clients.

We provide, motivation, inspiration, challenge, support, and help in the process of self-realization, change, and success

You will get Specialized Training for Managers and Entrepreneurs.

Includes tools for raising managerial and entrepreneurial skills to a whole new level, skills for achieving and maintaining influence – powerful and convincing, skills for building and maintaining successful teams, communication, building trust, time management, determining values, conflict resolution, motivation, teamwork …

The trainings cover advanced technologies, human dynamics and change, accelerated learning, leadership development, creativity and achieving excellence, from different techniques and methods.

The monthly subscription plans have an active approach and methods of dynamic and experiential learning in order to develop and enhance managerial and personal skills and competencies in different target groups.

They aim not only to convey information but even more to create competencies that include knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits. Increase participants’ ability to make informed decisions and take action in complex and changing systems.

The Best From the Best.

These programs can be especially useful for all those for whom soft skills are the main tool at work: managers, leaders and team members, supervisors, administrators, in internal communication, human resources staff, in direct communication with clients, etc. as well as for all those who know the importance of soft skills at work.


List of Trainings that we include in the individual and group personalized programs:


  • Effective Communication / Powerful Communication Rules
  • Sales skills
  • Team management
  • Stress Management
  • Career management
  • Time management
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing up
  • Motivation
  • Management and Leadership
  • Life – work balance
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Change of beliefs
  • Inner Child
  • Applying Coaching in Business – From Strand to Results
  • Setting goals
  • Decision Making
  • NLP – the path to success
  • Integration of the Unconscious
  • Managing change
  • Problem – solving skills / Solving pressure and stress problems
  • Skills in dealing with difficult people / clients
  • Building effective teams
  • Energization
  • Non-verbal communication and energy recognition
  • Meditation and relaxation