Reiki 3/A Level 3

Traditional Usui Reiki

Continuing Reiki practice with this third, advanced level would mean penetrating into the world of mysterious teaching, both worldly and personal. This Reiki course opens the doors to our unconscious, which stores all the necessary information about ourselves, resources, potentials, memories, emotions and thoughts, everything that is suppressed and unrecognized, and which governs life. The aim of this course is to understand and tamper with one's own Shadow and understand the concept of Unity through ancient and mysterious knowledge, through re-integrating one's own personality and all its parts as a whole.

On this course you will learn and achieve:

  • Mechanisms of spiritual development;
  • The meaning of the evolutionary path of the Earth and its symbols;
  • The forms by nature itself functions;
  • Linking between ancient knowledge of different cultures and science;
  • Numerological, geometric, visual, astrological, energetic and other symbolic;
  • The journey of the soul;
  • Returning to the heart;
  • The fourth symbol and its use;
  • Changing the mental structure, the power of thought;
  • The power of words;
  • 2 attunements, etc.

Reiki 3 / A amplifies our frequency to the stage of the current manifestation, and requires awareness of highly developed beings who will actively participate in the changes on the Earth.