Reiki Level 2

Traditional Usui Reik

With Reiki Level 2 course you will be learning about t 3 special symbols: Power symbol, Mental/Emotional Symbol and Distant healing symbol.

Power symbol, - Choku Rei

The basic meaning of Choku Rei is:” Bring the power of the universe here.”

The Power symbol can be used to increase the power of Reiki. It can also be used for your protection. It represents a light switch that intends to instantly increase your ability to channel Reiki energy.

Draw or visualize the symbol in front of yourself and you will have instant access to more healing energies. Choku Rei also gives the remaining symbols more power when they are used together.

The symbol can be used at any time during the treatment but is especially effective if used at the beginning of the session to enable Reiki energy or it is used at the end of the session to close the session and seal the Reiki energies.

Reiki Power symbol generally a power switch but can be used for future use. Always remember that your intent is controlling what`s happening. If you want to add new "functions" to the Symbol of Power then you only need to have a clear statement and the intention of what you want symbol to do and he will do it for you.