Women Empowerment

A woman is the full circle.Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.

-Diane Marienchild

What is certain is that we are currently living in a very interesting, dynamic and powerful time. Such times require great awareness, constant development, inner strength and a deep sense of life and purpose. I would say this is especially true for women.

Mankind has gone a long way of suffering, pain and destruction, which is still happening around us, and everywhere. Just because of the imbalances people created on this planet. Collective and personal conscious (and unconscious) is full of traumatic experiences that we all carry. These experiences "drive" our lives, making chaos out of them. We do not notice it. Looking outwards, we just do not get to the mirror. Disassembled both from inside and from outside, we do not respond to the calls of our heart and soul. Wake-up time has arrived! For too long, too much has been taken away from the human race on the Earth so that it will be returned to them again by the same ones that took that from them.

Life must flow, and we must live it with love. Love would mean to accept our own power, to announce our rights and to take the place that belongs to us. Learning to love is a process. Suppression, especially for a woman lasts for a very long time. Many of us have forgotten who they really are, what kind of talents they have, what naturally comes to them; we mixed the roles and identities. We have to go back to the basics. Seek for help. Let's get to know ourselves. Let's begin with the healing of our being in any way - to learn how. Let us remember the music of our heart. And then take power in our hands and share with the world the gifts of love, compassion and mercy.

In order to support, motivate and inspire, we create programs for all women who are brave to make big steps forward in life, in awareness and in business, why not. We believe that every human being, every woman is worth and deserves to live life with a sense of value, respect and dignity, to have complete control over her own life, to make her choices and make her decisions, to live in a safe and comfortable environment ... Women are equally competent, intelligent and talented, so these basic rights will naturally be reflected on the social, educational, economic and national level.

An example of a women's support program is "Women in Business - Finances and Advice for Women Entrepreneurs" developed by the EBRD, conducted in 15 countries, in which we conduct trainings on skills and competences with colleagues from CEFE Macedonia.

Another example is the Women`s talks program created by Štěpánka Petrželová Hojdová and conducted in the Czech Republic. This program will be applied also in Serbia. For more information, see the site:

I believe that many more similar programs will be developed.

I summon you to be open for change and to take conscious steps towards a new future for you, for future generations, for all of us. Tell us how we can support you on your journey. We can travel together.