True freedom comes from within

True freedom comes from within

What is your foundation?  What solid ground do you stand on?  Is your security based on money, relationships, your job?  What do you put your faith in each and every day?

The answers to these questions will reveal how strong your foundation really is.  If our security is based on money or a particular job than we are at the mercy of so much that we can’t control.  Our foundation needs to be strong enough to get us through the storms of life.  Whether we loose our job or go bankrupt we need to be unshakable if we are to survive this life with our head above water.

This may sound odd to some but it is true none the less.  To truly be free is to rely on things that cannot be broken or taken away.  As much as I seek worldly success and pursue things like financial independence, I know that I will never gain the kind of success that really matters if I am not true to myself.  My foundation is in consciousness as much as I try to stray from this truth.  My values defines who I am and paints the picture of who I want to become.

No matter what your values are in, if it cannot endure the “Perfect Storm” of life than your foundation will be broken and you will fall.  If you really want to gain your freedom, pursue your goals and reach your dreams in this life, you must first have a foundation that you can stand on.  One that you can rely on.  Because without this you are already dead in the water.

So I would encourage you to really look inside yourself and see what your foundation is made of.  If it is built of things that can be broken or taken away than you need to look for another place to stand.  Many may succeed at one point or another but those with a strong foundation will survive the test of time.