Conscious breathing

Powerful Exercise to Purify and Rejuvenate the Body and Mind

Thousands of years ago, many spiritual seekers, mystics, and yogis realized the inborn spiritual quality of the breathing. If we stop breathe in just a few minutes, we will die. Our life force is contained in the breath we breathe. The yogis used the power of breath for centuries to transform their awareness, and indeed, when using these breathing techniques, an alchemical reaction occurs. Altered state of consciousness and deep healing were possible only with the use of breathing.

Conscious breathing is a simple, gentle, yet powerful breathing technique. It brings to the surface of our consciousness not only our unconscious beliefs and emotions, but also the bonds (ties) with our bodies, ourselves, our intimacy and the connections with the world. When we consciously breathe, we create possibilities, within us to solve, integrate and cure previously unsettled problems. This process frees energy, bringing us more vitality and joy, and thus enables us to move forward towards meeting our potential as human beings. Conscious breathing works on the principle that there is a direct relationship between our psychic / physical well-being and the openness of breathing. Relaxation and breath realizing reduces tension both in the body and in the mind. Discover how breathing can relieve you of the pain of your past and how to bring out all your energy and abilities. Learn how to dip in your constant reservoir of happiness and power hidden deep within you, and how to draw from it unceasingly.