Conscious (Holotropic) Breathing

Touch your subconscious mind for healing / integration

Conscious breathing is a method of internal (self) exploration, based on an accelerated breathing rhythm combined with ritual and trans-induced music. This method of breathing is a simple, but at the same time very powerful technique. It uses your inner healing potential in non-ordinary states of consciousness. This altered state of consciousness (trance state) allows the mind to change its way of working. Through continuous breathing without breaks, your body receives more oxygen than usual, which changes the level of carbon dioxide in your brain and you enter a state of trance, where various memories, images, emotions, and bodily sensations come to the surface, to be liberated and integrated. With this method, you become aware of where you have blockages in the body and what emotions and feelings are associated with them. Even though you are in a trance state, you are aware of where you are and who is around you.

With this method, you can see how emotional blockages manifest themselves physically – such as obesity, psychosomatic stress, chronic tension, and sexual problems. You will gain awareness not only of your unconscious beliefs and emotions, but also of your connection to your body, your intimacy, and your connections to the world. When you breathe consciously, you create opportunities within you to solve, integrate, and heal previously unresolved problems. Experiences during this method vary all the time. The spectrum of these experiences ranges from physical sensations of pain or pleasure, the release of blockages in the body, to the vigorous movement of the body to release emotions (sadness, anger, rage, etc.). You can gain insights into fixed thinking, new ways of thinking, and deep spiritual experiences.

How is it done? You lie on a mattress with your eyes closed and follow a certain rhythm of breathing, and after a few minutes you start listening to music. You breathe a little faster and deeper than usual. In an instant, your state of consciousness begins to change and you experience different experiences, emotions or sensations. At the same time, it is important to be able to safely and without hesitation express any feeling or physical reaction (laughing, aggression, vomiting, anger, spitting, crying, cramps, pain, etc.). During the whole process you are supervised and receive instructions from an experienced guide, who helps you in the relaxation process.

The whole process takes about 75 minutes, with a 15-minute integration phase at the end, ending the session. In total, a conscious breathing session lasts about two hours. The power of this technique is that you are both the experiencer and the observer of past experiences. This allows you to get rid of the pain of your past and reintegrate yourself from a new perspective of insights and experiences.