It`s about to happen….

Wingwave® does not require from the client to perform "emotional striptease" by talking about their problems and analyzing them; instead, the negative emotions that are the target of the intervention are found in a painless manner, with a myostatic test. Because of this, wingwave® coaching is particularly useful when dealing with clients suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, including victims of trauma or harassment, as well as those suffering from anxiety, phobias and panic attacks.

The three main areas of wingwave coaching in working with clients are stress regulation, coaching for success and coaching for convictions. For example, wingwave® coaching helps clients:

  • to make changes
  • to improve their abilities and skills
  • to activate personal abilities
  • to develop good psychic condicion
  • to remove psychic and emotional blockages
  • to get rid of stress at home and at the workplace
  • to achieve personal goals
  • to gain self-confidence
  • to increase their own creativity, self-reliance and well-being
  • to be successful at public appearances
  • to reduce stress from exhaustion, insomnia and jet-leg
  • to remove blockages such as fear of flying, fear of going to the dentist, and so on.
  • to control their attitude towards food and eating

During the wingwave®-coaching sessions, the client has full control over the process and it can be continued or terminated at any time. The coaching does not insist on leading the process, which helps for successfully resolving it. The customers themselves come to their own understanding and build the path to the goal according to their own ideas, feelings and behavior.