Traditional Usui Reiki Level 1

Everything is related to everything else

Reiki heals the complete person - the body, the emotions, the mind, the spirit and the karma, creating many beneficial effects such as relaxation, a sense of inner peace, security and well-being. It brings the body into harmony by releasing it from the bodily and emotional blockades. Reiki opens the doors so that we can go back to our own excellence, whatever it is, by treating the causes and removing the consequences. Reiki treatment leads to deep relaxation.

Reiki has proven to be successful in helping to treat almost all of the diseases known to humans and always giving beneficial results. Also, Reiki can be combined with all other medical and therapeutic techniques to ease the side effects and to recover easily.

Reiki Level 1 course includes:

  • Learning about five Reiki principles of Mikao Usui (which are guidelines that are useful for everyday life. These fivefold principles will help you improve your well-being);
  • Hand positions for treating yourself (you will learn a simple hands-on arrangement to treat yourself with Reiki since the first day after the Reiki course);
  • Hand positions for treating others (you will learn simple hands-on positions to treat others and thus you can practice Reiki to your friends, family, and pets);
  • How to treat Chakras using Reiki (you will learn about the Chakra system and how to use Reiki to balance specific energy centers of the body);
  • Reiki treatments (during the course you will give and receive a full Reiki treatment. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about what is unclear to you.);
  • Individual "attunement" of energy. (This is necessary to connect with Reiki. Afterward you are able to practice Reiki on yourself as well as others);
  • Concept of polarity (you will learn about polarity  of fear and love in order to find the balance in your life);
  • Sexual energy transformation (you will learn Reiki method to regularly balancing your sexual energy and to transfom it into spiritual energy, if you want);
  • A unique complementary program that lasts 21 days. (this program will support you and will encourage you to connect with Reiki in the first 21 days after your "initiation" or "attunement" of energy.