Non-hypnotic regression

What you resist, persists.

What a non-hypnotic regression can allow us is a review of past lives up to the details that we want to see. The past life stories we see are not so important in a way what we have been, but important as the experience of the souls themselves. All of this is pointing on behavior patterns , reactions, thoughts, actions, events that are conditioned by someone else's decisions, but referring to us, our reactions to others, and ultimately what is our feeling of fulfillment in this life. Whether we have accomplished our task completely, in partially or moved forward into some other life later.

The way we experience viewing of past lives appears to be like fantasizing. Given that we are aware of everything, it's not unusual for us to feel it, but we often find ourselves in life stories that we would not want to fantasize if we really consciously have chosen them.

Non-hypnotic regression is a pure memory of the souls of something that has already been experienced, and appears in that form because consciousness and subconsciousness are equalized. Some call it an extended state of consciousness, but it is still something much deeper.

We need a regression when:

  • we have problems that we can not solve in any way,
  • we constantly repeat situations in life, for example: we get fired, our businesses are collapsing, all relationships are ending...
  • we have a busy or addictive relationship with a close person, parent, partner, brother or sister ...
  • we do not really want to live or we feel that we do not belong to this time
  • we do not know our life purpose and which profession we could choose
  • we are not sure about the choice of partner, work or place of residence
  • we are embedded with fears that we can not explain in a normal way,
  • we are struggling with questions about love failure or failure in the workplace,
  • intense health problems or fear of death
  • when we want to work on ourselves in terms of spiritual building.

Only one positive answer is sufficient reason to choose this method.

Actually, regression is recommended for anyone who wants to know more, by this way we can learn a lot about the path of our soul, about the experiences of everything we brought with us in this life. An insight into past lives can shorten us the way of solving the karmic tails that we bring with ourselves. If we see what was the main problem in the past, even if we find some parallels with the present life and realize that we may repeat some mistakes, we can start to change it sooner after we see where are the roots of the problem..

One session of non-hypnotic regression lasts about 2 hours. In that session, the client goes through 1 - 3 past lives. Between past lives, the one goes through the experience of death (which is a very pleasant feeling). This is followed by a conversation with the spiritual guide or the Higher Self with advice on the present life, and at the end we make a process of emotional purification, after which we return to the present moment.

A single non-hypnotic regression session takes about 2 hours. During that session, the client goes through 1 to 3 past lives. Also it passes through the experience of death (which is a very pleasant feeling). Then a conversation with the spiritual guide or Higher I with tips for the present life that follows, and in the end we make a process of emotional purification, after which we return to the present moment.The client lies, with eyes closed, covered with a scarf, and he experience images of past lives, but also emotionally surviving situation.. In doing so, there is no loss of self-awareness. It's like the state before falling asleep, when we are moving pictures in front of our eyes, and we have not yet fallen asleep. The method is safe and very pleasant.

The whole procedure is being recorded.