The Rise of a Phoenix Road to Success (27.10)

The Rise of a Phoenix Road to Success (27.10)

Ars Lucida proudly presents:

The institute for Energie, Claudia Dieckmann is happily inviting especially YOU to a very special talk with Elena Ashwini Antonovska,

27.10. 18-20h Zoom.

English with some German explanations, „Wir schaffen das!”

To whom it may concern:

Those who are alone on their way to making a success in their life, so it means All!

Especially all healers, pranic healing instructors, Yoga instructors, spiritually oriented people, all people who need to know how life is in the beyond.

All, who can imagine their life could be more successful and those who see a lack of success in their being.


  1. The Beginnings
  2. The Road
  3. The Present Moment
  4. How do we fit into society and how are we coping with it.
  5. Limitations, – personal karma and choices, conflicts – external as well as internal etc…

Feel invited to share with us, ask and know. You are not alone!

Energie Institut:


If you like the talk and Elena’s work please do what you would like: Donate as much as you can and want to Ars Lucida’s Foundation